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We all know that selling a home can be one of life's most challenging experiences. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming the selling process will be.  As an experience real estate agent, Ben Taylor has many tools at his disposal to help you through this process. With Ben Taylor, your property will sell quickly, at the right price, and with as few worries as possible.


Enhance The Value Of Your Home

Begin by objectively evaluating the visual impact of your home. The "curb appeal" of your home is extremely important. A well groomed lawn, attractive landscaping and fresh paint or clean siding creates an excellent first impression. One of the first things I will do is to take pictures of your home. These pictures will be used in the office and for newspaper, television and even the Internet. The more attractive you make your home, the easier it is to sell. 

  • Paint or retouch interior and exterior paint.
  • Replace cracked windows and screens with holes.
  • Reseed lawn to repair bald spots, trim hedges and scrubs, Colorful, flowering plants are a real plus.
  • Clean carpet or consider replacing it if badly worn.
  • Eliminate "clutter" from your home. A more spacious feeling is easily created by simply removing the clutter.If you have "extra" furniture put it in storage so your rooms appear larger.
  • Remove extra clothing from closets to make them look roomier.
  • Keep kitchen countertops clean and organized. Remove superfluous knickknacks.
  • Wash or repaint kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean & wax all linoleum and hardwood floors.
  • Clean appliances and sink.
  • Clean Garage, Basement, and Attic. A clean, well organized home has infinitely more appeal to potential buyers.
  • If you have pets or smoke, make sure your home is odor free.
  • Wash Windows.
  • Clear off and clean countertops and vanities in the bathroom.
  • Remove stains or mildew from tubs and showers.
  • Put out guest towels and scented soaps for the showing.
  • Polish the mirrors and chrome to a brilliant shine.
  • Repair leaky faucets & plumbing.
  • Repair broken doors or fences.

The objective is to make your home look as bright and clean as possible. Before a showing always remember you are "staging" your home for sale. A little time spent making your home warm and inviting really pays off. Potential buyers appreciate a well maintained home and it will sell more quickly. Before you consider any drastic changes, be sure to discuss any questions you may have with me, I can save you time, energy and money.


What We Do To Sell Your Property

A. Before we list your property

  • Research local records for tax information
  • Research Ownership and Encumbrance information
  • Study recently sold properties similar to yours
  • Review active listings for properties similar to yours
  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Suggest a competitive pricing strategy
  • Analyze and recommend improvements for highest price
  • Suggest "staging" ideas to maximize marketing
  • Prepare current market and finance information
  • Discuss inclusions and personal property
  • Offer assistance in your relocation to another city or property
  • Prepare listing contract

B. After listing your property

  • Install a yard sign
  • Install a lock box to facilitate other Broker showings (if desired by seller)
  • Explain appointment system and showing procedures
  • Measure property
  • Verify loan, zoning, homeowner's fee and other pertinent information
  • Enter necessary information in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Contact current prospects for private showings
  • Search for other Broker prospects in MLS computer
  • Prepare supplementary marketing material to be placed in property
  • Prepare marketing materials to attract other Brokers
  • Deliver marketing materials to other Brokers
  • Place appropriate ads in print media and Internet
  • Arrange a tour by REALTORS in my office
  • Analyze feedback from tour(s) and present to owner
  • Discuss and hold open houses (if agreed upon)
  • Market property to REALTORS in meetings
  • Screen and qualify prospective purchasers
  • Explain purchase offers and negotiation in general terms
  • Research and interpret changing market conditions
  • Update you on market conditions
  • Follow-up on other Broker showings
  • Promote at weekly sales meetings

C. When an offer to purchase is received

  • Present and explain all offers to you
  • Prepare and deliver Counterproposal promptly
  • Discuss qualifications of prospective purchaser
  • Discuss tender guidelines and procedures
  • Analyze the offer for accuracy and completeness
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Explain expectations concerning future activities: 
  • Lender's approval
  • Home inspections
  • Appraisal
  • Maintain rapport with all parties to the transaction

D. Between contract signing and closing

  • Process deposit cheque
  • Order Title Insurance Commitment
  • Prepare up-to-date market information for appraisers
  • Meet appraiser at property and go over market data
  • Arrange inspections and review them with you
  • Follow-up with buyer's lender
  • Report weekly on progress
  • Assist you in relocating to your new home
  • Report sale as "pending" in MLS system
  • Prepare all appropriate documentation to prepare for sale
  • Assist cooperating agent to solve problems relating to sale
  • Initiate document preparation by Title Company
  • Request Deed preparation
  • Review Title Work
  • Schedule closing
  • Review final closing documents
  • Attend closing
  • Order final inspection

E. During and following closing

  • Discuss the net proceeds and closing documents with you •Answer your questions
  • Co-ordinate possession of property
  • Maintain file of all documents
  • Review all documents
  • Explain pay-off or assumption statements
  • Co-ordinate transfer of utilities and keys
  • Supervise proceeds
  • Check delivery
  • Arrange for payments of all expenses from closing proceeds
  • Arrange for recording of all documents with proper county authorities
  • Pick up sign and lock box (if one is on the property)